What Does It Cost To Come To Open Door Pregnancy Center?

All of our services are completely free and strictly confidential. We don’t believe anyone should have to pay to get the answers they need about their unplanned pregnancy.

Is Abortion My Only Option?

You have three options for your unplanned pregnancy. One of them is abortion and the other two are making an adoption plan for your child or parenting. It’s important that you get as much information about each of your options as possible. You want to make a confident decision and the more knowledge you have, the more confident you’ll be.

How Do I Know If I’m Actually Pregnant?

There are several early symptoms of pregnancy. The most common symptom is a missed period but your menstrual cycle can change for several reasons, not just pregnancy. Your first step is to confirm your pregnancy with our free pregnancy testing service. After a positive pregnancy test, it’s time for an ultrasound

I’ve Already Had An Abortion, What Can You Offer Me?

Help is available if you have had an abortion and are suffering from guilt, shame, and anxiety. Surrendering the Secret is a powerful study to help you find relief from the emotional pain that haunts you. You are not alone.