Could You Help?

Although the number of abortions continues to fall every year, one abortion is one too many.  We need to work together until the number is zero.  Every day, women are waking up scared, confused, and misinformed. They think abortion is their only solution to an unplanned pregnancy.  Open Door Pregnancy Center is here to be a guide and beacon of hope for these women and their unborn children.  

But, the reality is, we simply cannot do it without you. Your much-needed financial support and willingness to volunteer make all the difference.  We never want the women we serve to be concerned about paying for the help they need. Through your gracious contributions, you have removed that burden from them and made it your own.

Help us show them there are other options. Whether it’s making an adoption plan or parenting their child, they have other choices.

​Give monthly or a one-time gift. Easy online giving is available at